mike sheehan
Previous CEO, Boston Globe

To Whom It May Concern:

Planning an executing a successful event is no small feat. To start with, you've got to be adept at "herding cats." (Strong-willed, highly opinionated cats, by the way.) Next, you need to be incredibly detail oriented as even one small misstep can mean the difference between a good and great event. You need to be tenacious, particularly if the event is a fundraiser, because convincing people to support a particular cause is seldom accomplished with one letter or one phone call. The best event planners, therefore, are experienced and determined on one hand, gracious and artful on the other.

Carol McKean is, without question, the best. When she plans and executes an event, it runs like clockwork. It meets or surpasses its fundraising goal. And, most importantly, the event itself is a perfect complement to the mission of the organization it supports. Time and time agian, I'm told that Carol's events aren't just beautiful, they're meaningful. Guests walk away with a true sense of mission. When that happens, they're far more likely to return year after year.

With Carol, no detail is too small. No hurdle is too high. No goal is unattainable. And no event is forgettable.

john a. kaneb, ceo

If you’re planning an event in Boston or vicinity – particularly if it is a big one, Carol McKean of McKean Events is the person to call. She has been the start to finish manager of an annual dinner fundraiser for 1600 guests for an organization whose board I chair. Every event has gone off flawlessly!

jeff kaneb
HP Hood LLC, Lynnfield, MA

Thank you so much for running another great show, and helping to drive the success of this year's Spring Celebration. We have generated some real momentum over these last few years, and I can say with certainty that we could not have done it without you. So thank you once again.

joe d'arrigo
Executive Director Clergy Funds, Archdiocese of Boston, Braintree, MA

Congratulations on leading us to another successful event. This has been the third year in a row that you have guided, managed, and led us to what has become a premier dinner event.

Three years ago, you helped us develop our inaugural event that turned out to be the largest dinner held in Boston with over 1400 guests in attendance. The night was a spectacular success. If the judgment was made based solely on the setup of the room, the ambiance, stage setting, and program itself, it would rate a ten. However it would leave out the attention to detail that you brought with your experience.

The highlights of that event: Over 1400 people attended a cocktail party; had a great meal, served almost stealthily by the facility staff; a program comprised of a number of speakers, along with a video that you helped develop; the evening ended by 9pm. No back up at registration, no back up onleaving, and finishing on time. Quite amazing!!

The purpose of the dinner has been to raise much needed funds to support our retired priests. You have been with us each step of the way, working with volunteer committees and staff to accomplish our goals.

In each of the last three years, this dinner has become even better with the same precision, but also increasing the fundraising bar to a million dollars, almost unheard of in today's economy.

Carol, thank you for all your help. We look forward to working with you for next year's dinner.

It truly has been a pleasure.

ted grant
Principal, Grant Communications Group

On behalf of everyone associated with the inaugural St. Mary's Gala, I wanted to extend our sincere appreciation and congratulations to you for staging a truly spectacular event

As with any first-time venture, we approached the Gala with a fair degree of trepidation. We understood the stakes were high, since if the event were not successful there would not be a second one. Having worked with you in the past, I was confident that would not be the case.

The Gala was an unqualified success on several levels. That it raised more than $337.000 makes it the largest single fundraising event in the history of the school. Almost as important as the financial implications, however, is that we wanted the Gala to make a statement about St. Mary's. Simply put, we were after the Wow factor. Thanks to you, we got it.

My favorite part of the evening was watching the reaction of attendees as they entered the St. Mary's gymnasium, which, in the case of those familiar with the school, looked like something they had never seen before. For those visiting for the first time, it looked like nothing they would have ever expected from a high-school gym.

From the transformed gym, to the searchlights outside, to the mammoth projection screen to the five-star menu, your attention to detail was phenomenal. All who attended were exposed to a St. Mary's they had never seen – or even imagined. That is exactly what we were trying to accomplish.

It was a pleasure working with you again, Carol, and I am already looking forward to next year's Gala, which, with you steering the ship, will be bigger and better than the first one. You are the consummate professional, and anyone planning an important event would be wise to enlist your services.

john j. schickling
Chair Gala Committee, Vice Chair Board of Trustees

I just wanted to commend you on the outstanding job you did in your role as event planner for our recent St. Mary's Inaugural Gala. The recommendation by the Agganis Foundation for this role certainly lived up to their high praise. Your performance was perfect. Your organization skills, ready & prompt accessibility/responsiveness, coordination of the caterers and audio visual function, excellent update reporting and under budget delivery was superb. I would not hesitate to recommend you highly to any potential client you may have in the future. Feel free to have them contact me directly if needed. I look forward to working with you again next year's Gala. Thank you so much.

marshall m. sloane
Chairman of the Board, Century Bank

Carol planned and orchestrated an event at which my wife Barbara and I were honored by Catholic Charities. I can only say that, not only was it the most organized event at which I have had the privilege of being honored, it was in fact the most well-planned event I have never attended. Her professionalism and coordination from beginning to end was outstanding, from the very first staff meeting, to the coordination of volunteers, the tracking of pledges, the followup, and ultimately to the conclusion. The event resulted in a sold out evening with over 500 in attendance, raising $1.3 million for the programs and services provided by Catholic Charities to numerous individuals and families of all faiths, which they would otherwise not be able to afford.

I highly recommend her for any assignment she might undertake.

robert s. stearns
Chief Executive Officer, Bridgewell

I am pleased to provide a reference for Ms. Carol McKean, of Carol McKean Events. We engaged Carol during Spring 2008 to assist us with Bridgewell’s 50th Anniversary Fundraising Gala to be held in November. It had been many years since Bridgewell had held a fundraising event, and we had never held an event the size and scope that we envisioned. With very limited internal resources we relied very heavily on Carol to manage our event. Other event planners that we interviewed during our selection process did not offer the critical fundraising support that we received from Carol.

Carol guided us through the entire process, which included meeting monthly with our Dinner Committee. Carol alsways came to these meetings prepared, and she assisted us in:

• Selecting our venue (she provided valuable input)
• Selecting and engaging our honorees for the event
• Identifying potention sponsors and prospects for the event
• Keeping us on track with our efforts to obtain sponsorships_she was our task 
• Tracking our sponsorships, other donations and ticket sales—we always knew  
exactly where we stood.
• Helping obtain silent and live auction items for the event

In addition, in preparation for the evening:

• She assisted in the development of marketing materials, including our “save the
date” card, invitation and the evening’s program book and signage
• She recommended and engaged our MC for the evening, the auctioneer for the live
auction, and the band.
• She guided us in preparing the program and scri[pt for the evening
• She coordinated all the other logistical aspects of the event—menu selection,
flowers, music and audio visual requirements for the presentation and video.

On the evening of the event, Carol made sure everything was set up properly, and the room looked beautiful. It was clear that she had an excellent relationship with the staff at the Seaport Hotel where we held our event, and that she is respected within the industry. The evening proceeded without a hitch—the food was excellent. Based on the many comments from our guests and sponsors, everyone had a wonderful time.

Bridgewell’s 50th Anniversary Gala was both a public relations and fundraising success. Carol McKean Events was one of the key ingredients to the success.